Rapid Hair Growth Formula

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Regrow missing hair This 3 months supply of Rapid Hair Growth Formula product is based on the Rapid…

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Regrow missing hair

This 3 months supply of Rapid Hair Growth Formula product is based on the Rapid Brow formula with some tweaks to make it even more effective.

People have been using Rapid Brow on their heads for years but the bottles were too small and the applicator tiny for this use. The formula also needed a bit of tweaking and here is the result.

Encourage growth of new hair

This is a 4 oz / 120 ml bottle of oily lotion. It is NOT FOAM and contains NO AIR or FILLERS. This is going to last longer or at least as long as the 3 month supply of foams. This formula has been known to work where others have failed. It has also failed where others have worked. This is a true, honest to goodness hair solution. So since the problem of hair loss can come from many different sources and reasons, the solutions are not always the same for everyone. I would especially encourage people who have used Rapid Brow successfully to try Rapid Hair.

Results usually show in a couple of weeks, but can take up to 1 month or longer, stick with it and be patient. It DOES WORK for the majority of people. Our closest competitor asks for 3 months for results. We have many repeat customers for Rapid Brow and know that formula has worked for many people on their scalp. It also has worked on facial hair for men, too.

Contains ingredients to reach and stimulate the hair follicles, clear congestion and seal for warmth to encourage faster hair growth.

It is normal to feel some tingling when it is applied and it may even itch a little. You are activating the hair follicles now!

We realize it may not be the most comfortable thing to apply before sleeping, but your body is in “repair mode” while you sleep, so this is the best time to apply it.
If you absolutely cannot do it at night, because you are worried about your pillowcase or are uncomfortable, try taking a nice break in the day or wearing it while you do housework. It may take more days to work that way, however. A shower cap may be a great idea.

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