8PIECE DENTAL SCALERS AND MIRROR SET: BE YOUR OWN HYGIENIST! Are you brushing daily, after every meal, and still cannot prevent plaque and stains from stuffing your teeth? Would you like a set of dental hygiene tools for scraping, poking and prodding your teeth in ways that brushing cannot, and to keep your teeth free of tartar, stains and plaque? If so, the Medicare Supplements Pro Dental Hygiene Scalers will be perfect for you! Polished to the highest standard of mirror finish, the Scalers give a smooth scraping action which neither cuts the gums nor damages the enamel. Supplied as a complete dental kit containing 8 pieces of high-utility tools such as angled dental mirror, cotton tweezers, pick tools and quality leather case, the Dental Hygiene Scalers allows you to become your own dental hygienist. The angled dental mirror is invaluable when checking the extent of dental build-up and when assessing the effectiveness of scraping action, while the cotton tweezers allow you to place and remove rolls of cotton for teeth isolation. Made of top-quality German stainless steel, the Scalers removes heavy tartar and plaque buildups and can withstand regular scraping motion.

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