Babyface DMAE Serum at 8%, Anti-Ageing for Face & Neck, Pore Minimizer | No Wrinkles & Fine Lines, Tightening, Instant Lift, Moisturiser, Collagen Booster, Sagging Skin Repair, Give Tone & Elasticity

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How often have you looked in the mirror only to frown at the new wrinkle or fine line…

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How often have you looked in the mirror only to frown at the new wrinkle or fine line on your face? Or maybe you have some sagging on your neck that makes you wish you could turn back the clock to the days when your skin was firm and smooth. Well, you may not be able to go back in time, but you may be able to turn back the effects of time on your face with this amazing formula!

Meet DMAE, an extraordinary anti-ageing ingredient!

DMAE is one of the best defenses, not only against natural free radical damage as we age, but it also helps in defying the effects of muscular sagging

What makes us unique?

  • It plumps the cells for a tightening effect, reduces the appearance of pore size, improves the skin’s circulation and creates a gentle exfoliating effect for a more youthful, luminous appearance
  • It will enhance the effects of alternative antioxidants and is, therefore, best used in combination with Vitamins A, E, and C or alpha lipoic acid
  • Contains Matrixyl 3000 to stimulate new collagen production
  • If a pea-sized drop of a DMAE serum is spread on one side of the face, results can be seen in about 20 minutes. The side of the face and jawline with the DMAE will appear more contoured, the eye will be open wider, the nasolabial fold lessened. The effect is dramatic
  • The appearance of both fine and deep lines is reduced, and best of all, the overall radiance, elasticity and evenness of skin tone and colour is really visible

How to use?

Apply once daily in the morning for a freshly cleansed skin. Allow absorbing for a minute or so before applying other serums and moisturizer

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